Australian Shepherd Dogs

Australian Shepherds are the 17th most popular breed of dog in the United States.  They are medium-sized herding dogs known for their herding ability.  An intelligent dog that requires a lot of exercises and needs to be mentally challenged. 

Aussie shepherds have a double coat, which is waterproof.  Their coats come in different colors and markings.

Black Australian Shepherds

Black is the first of the four major colors of the Australian Shepherd.  A fully black Aussie is quite rare, but many dogs with black in their coats.

Aussie Shepherd

Australian Shepherds are a breed that is known for their intelligence. They make great family pets, and they also can be very loyal dogs to their owners. They don’t mind being indoors, and they love playing with children.

Australian Shepherd Aesthetic

Aussies are loyal, energetic dogs that make great pets for a variety of families. They are known as the “dog’s dog” for their eagerness to please and tendency to get along with other pets and children. Australian Shepherds are relatively calm most of the time.

Australian Shepherd Dogs Black

Australian Shepherds are the perfect dog for active families and active lifestyles. These energetic dogs are brilliant, have a contagious personality, and are very social. Australian Shepherds make great therapy dogs and wonderful companions.

Black Aussie Shepherd

Aussies are known for their intelligence, loyalty, and independence. They are alert, intelligent, and courageous. Australian Shepherds are often used as police dogs because of their excellent intelligence and ability to learn new tasks quickly.

Black Australian Shepherd

With all that running, they do get tired.  This little guy is ready for a much-needed nap.

Cute Australian Shepherd

You’ll be the most popular person in the neighborhood with your energetic pup. This puppy is full of personality, and you’ll have loads of fun at play dates with your friends.

Red Australian Shepherds

Meet the cute puppy that will make you laugh out loud! Australian Shepard is a fun-loving puppy that is always happy to see her owner. Her name comes from the area she was born from.

Aussie Shepherd Red Merle

The Aussie is an active, loyal breed that can make an excellent companion for the right owner. The breed’s calm and confident temperament makes it a good fit for families with children.

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Australian Shepherd Colors

Australian Shepherds are known for their intelligence and high energy. They need lots of exercise and attention, but they are loyal, protective, and confident. Australian Shepherds love to please their owners and make them feel important.

Australian Shepherd Dogs Coloring

The Aussie is a sturdy, loyal breed that’s great with children, other dogs, and cats. We think of these puppies as active little balls of energy who love playing ball, fetching sticks, or running around the yard. These Australian Shepherds love to be around people and want to please their people.

Brown Australian Shepherd

This is a puppy you’ll want to keep by your side, even after he leaves. This charming Australian Shepherd is just 2 years old, and he’s already grown into the perfect companion. He’s been trained to do tricks, take treats, and even play fetch! With his cute brown eyes and short white fur, this is the perfect pup for any owner.

Red Aussie Shepherd Pup

The Australian Shepherd is a type of herding dog developed in Australia from various Australian shepherd stock. The Australian shepherd is a very active, athletic dog that needs to be kept lean and fit. The Aussies are great dogs for people who want to keep up with the pace of life.

Red Aussie Shepherd

Australian Shepherd puppies are energetic, active, and smart. They also tend to be easygoing and loyal. The Australian Shepherd is a medium-sized dog that is intelligent, kind, and alert. The Australian Shepherd is a cool dog but can be a bit stubborn at times.

Red Australian Shepherd

This is the cuddliest, most adorable pup you’ll ever meet. Aussies are known for their loyalty, intelligence, and energy. This pup is no exception. This active pup has a personality to match her name: full of life and love!

Red Merle Australian Shepherd

Active and happy, the Australian Shepherd is a loyal, playful companion that’s always ready to run. From her alert ears to her strong forelegs and powerful hindquarters, these dogs are sure to keep you on your toes.

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Blue Australian Shepherd

Australian shepherd puppies are energetic and always on the go. They are loyal to their families and get along with other pets. Australian shepherd puppies are very active, so they need lots of exercises.

Aussie Shepherd Full Grown 1

Aussies are energetic, sensitive, intelligent, and loyal – traits make them great for families. They are very adaptable and will do best in a home with older children or older adult supervision. These guys have lots of potentials to become whatever you want them to be!

Australian Shepherd Dogs

Australian Shepherds are among the most intelligent dogs and have been known to solve problems, find the owner, and even open doors. The Australian Shepherd is an active dog that loves to be out with family and friends.

Merle Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd is an active dog with a spunky personality. They are great with children and love to play, including fetch games.

Tri-Colored Australian Shepherd

A puppy with an attitude. Australian Shepherds have a laid-back, confidence, and even cocky attitude about them. They are great with people and other dogs alike. The blue merle coat has a distinctive white pattern on the legs, chest, and face that gives the puppy a unique appearance that makes them look like they know more than they actually do.

Australian Shepherd Coloring

Celebrate the new addition to your family with this Australian Shepherd puppy! This adorable dog is a delightful companion and comes with a pet tag, so you can always find him when you need him.

Australian Shepherd Dogs Full Grown

From the moment you bring him home, this puppy will be your best friend. He’s always happy to play and is extremely intelligent. And he loves to swim, which makes him perfect for life in the city.

Australian Shepherd Dogs Red Merle

Australia’s favorite breed of dog, the Australian Shepherd, is a smart, active, and loyal breed that will happily live with you for life. The blue merle Australian Shepherd puppy has been raised in a loving environment with lots of exercise and interaction. With its blue merle coloring, you may be able to tell your new pup apart from other Australian Shepherds.

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Australian Shepherd Grooming Styles

Australian Shepherds are exceptional family dogs that bond with their families very quickly. They are intelligent, adaptable, and can be trained to a point where they will perform simple tasks. Many Australian Shepherds love to spend time with children and get along well with other dogs in the home.

Australian Shepherd

We are excited to introduce our new Australian Shepherd – a smart, energetic puppy who is ready to give you and your family the love he deserves.

Australiand Shepherd Family

A breed of dog developed for herding livestock, and the Australian Shepherd is one of the most loyal and friendly dogs around. They are playful, active, smart, and friendly, and they love to cuddle with their people. Their coat is usually a solid color or a tri-color merle pattern.

An Australian Shepherd with a healthy coat of merle and tri-color eyes.

Black Tri Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherds are the most intelligent and loyal breed of dog. They’re known for their high energy and unique ability to communicate with people through a combination of body language, tail wagging, and voice.

Red Tri Australian Shepherd

Meet the Australian Shepherd, a blue merle tri-color dog. You can be sure to find this pup’s unique markings in your backyard since he is rare and very popular. Australian Shepherds are smart, good-natured dogs with high energy levels. They make excellent companions for families but also make excellent guard dogs.

Australian Shepherd puppies are active and fun! They have a lot of energy, so they need plenty of playtime and exercise. They are also very loyal to their family and get along very well with other dogs.

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