The Ultimate Guide to Adopting an Italian Greyhound Puppy

With their slender frames, elegant posture, and sleek coats, Italian Greyhound puppies exude grace and refinement. But there’s much more to these charismatic canines than just sophisticated good looks. Italian Greyhound puppies boast a captivating charm from their appearance, affectionate nature, energetic spirit, and quick wit. 

If these fascinating pups enter you, keep reading to learn about their origins, unique traits, care requirements, training needs, and suitability as family companions or apartment dwellers. Discover what makes Italian Greyhound puppies so alluring and why they make devoted companions for the right owners.

The History and Origins of Italian Greyhounds

The Italian Greyhound breed can trace its ancestry back over 2,000 years to ancient Egypt, where miniature sighthounds were favorites among the nobility. Their petite size made them ideal lapdogs, while their speed and agility served them well as ratters on farms and estates. Italian Greyhounds likely accompanied Roman soldiers to Italy, where selective breeding enhanced the refined traits we associate with the breed today. 

Adopting an Italian Greyhound Puppy

Italian Greyhounds have been associated with royalty, aristocracy, and the upper class throughout history. Their refined appearance and sweet nature appealed to dignitaries and artists who often featured the elegant dogs in paintings, sculptures, and literature. While no longer exclusive to the elite, Italian Greyhounds still carry an air of sophistication rooted in their long history as companions to those of high stature.

The Characteristic Traits of an Italian Greyhound Puppy

Italian Greyhound puppies boast distinctive physical and personality traits, setting them apart from other breeds. Let’s explore what gives these pups their captivating charm.

Appearance and Coat

  • Slender, delicate frame with long legs and neck lending a graceful silhouette. Typically 13-15 inches tall.
  • Short, smooth, close-lying coat that’s easy to groom. Standard colors include fawn, cream, red, black, blue, and isabella.
The Characteristic Traits of an Italian Greyhound Puppy


  • Affectionate, gentle, and typically docile indoors. Devoted and attached to their owners.
  • Playful and energetic. Excel at canine sports, thanks to their agility and speed. 
  • Intelligent and quick to learn but can be stubborn during training. Respond best to positive reinforcement techniques.
  • Prone to separation anxiety due to solid bonding instincts. Require plenty of companionship.
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Other Traits

  • Minimal shedding makes them ideal for those with allergies.
  • They have a high prey drive and may chase small animals when outdoors. 
  • Adaptable to apartment living but requires daily walks and playtime.
  • Susceptible to dental problems, hypoglycemia, leg fractures, and dislocated kneecaps due to delicate build.

The Unique Health and Grooming Needs of Italian Greyhounds

While their short coats make grooming a breeze, Italian Greyhound puppies do have some specific care needs new owners should be prepared for. Let’s consider what’s required to keep these fragile hounds happy and healthy.

The Unique Health and Grooming Needs of Italian Greyhounds


  • Brush coat once a week using a soft bristle brush. Bathe only when necessary.
  • Clip nails regularly to avoid cracking or splitting.
  • Brush teeth 2-3 times weekly and provide chew toys to maintain dental health.
  • Clean eyes, ears, and wrinkles periodically to prevent infections.


  • Require at least 30-60 minutes of activity daily, including walks, playtime, and free running in a safe area.
  • Avoid overexertion, especially on hot days. Their slim build makes it difficult for them to regulate body temperature.
  • Interactive games and training activities provide mental stimulation.


  • Prone to hypoglycemia requires 2-3 small meals throughout the day.
  • Select a high-quality kibble formulated for small-breed puppies. Provide measured portions to prevent obesity.
  • Monitor and treat intake as they are prone to weight gain.
Italian Greyhound puppy out for a walk

Health Concerns

  • Dental issues like gum disease and tooth decay.
  • Leg fractures, dislocated kneecaps, and other bone injuries. 
  • Collapsing trachea triggered by collar pulling. Use a harness for walks.
  • Sensitivity to anesthesia and certain medications due to low body fat percentage. 

Proper socialization, training, and safety precautions can help prevent health issues and injuries. Routine veterinary care ensures any problems are caught early before becoming severe.

Effective Training Techniques for Italian Greyhound Puppies 

Italian Greyhound puppies are intelligent dogs capable of learning quickly when approached with the proper training techniques. Here are some tips for training these sensitive pups effectively.

  • Start socialization and training early and be consistent. Italian Greyhounds thrive on routine.
  • Use positive reinforcement like treats, praise, and play rather than punishment or scolding. Harsh methods will damage trust.
  • Keep training sessions short and frequent, around 10-15 minutes. Their slim attention span requires varied activities.
  • Incorporate engaging games and mental challenges to prevent boredom or distraction.
  • Teach and reinforce impulse control skills to address their high prey drive. The “watch me,” “leave it,” and “drop it” commands are essential. 
  • Crate training assists in potty training and preventing destructive behaviors when unsupervised.
  • Leash train early on and use head collars or harnesses to maintain control outdoors.
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Effective Training Techniques for Italian Greyhound Puppies

Patience and persistence are required, but setting clear boundaries, motivating with rewards, and making training enjoyable will ensure an obedient Italian Greyhound pup. Consult a trainer for guidance in tackling specific behavioral issues if needed.

Are Italian Greyhounds Good Family Dogs?

With their affectionate nature, Italian Greyhound puppies can make excellent additions to families when properly trained and socialized. Consider these factors when adding an Italian Greyhound to a household with children.

  • Supervise all interactions with children due to their delicate build. Teach kids how to handle them gently.
  • Ensure children don’t overwhelm them. Provide a safe space for the puppy to retreat when tired or overstimulated. 
  • Older, mature children are best. Younger kids may accidentally injure a fragile Italian Greyhound puppy.
  • Their playful nature makes them great companions for active kids outdoors. Indoors, set boundaries for play areas.
  • Separation anxiety may be problematic in busy households. Ensure the puppy has adequate companionship.
  • Expect to put effort into training puppies and reinforce good manners around children. 
Are Italian Greyhounds Good Family Dogs

With preparation, patience, and proper precautions, an Italian Greyhound can be a loving family companion. Be realistic about the commitment required before bringing one of these special pups home.

Are Italian Greyhounds Good Apartment Dogs? 

The miniature, low-shedding Italian Greyhound is well suited to apartment living. Here’s what makes them an ideal apartment companion.

  • Their dainty size and minimal exercise needs adapt well to smaller living spaces. A short daily walk and indoor play satisfies their activity requirements.
  • They tend to be quiet indoors and won’t disturb neighbors with excessive barking. 
  • Minimal grooming needs make care easy in apartments without large yards.
  • Their affectionate nature means they crave the companionship an apartment owner provides. They should be supervised for long periods, however.
  • Ensure your apartment is thoroughly puppy-proofed with no dangerous gaps or hazards. Their curious nature can lead them to trouble.
Are Italian Greyhounds Good Apartment Dogs

While Italian Greyhounds make great apartment dogs, they still require daily mental stimulation, training, and socialization. Take advantage of apartment amenities like dog parks or pet playgroups to provide enriching experiences. With proper care, Italian Greyhounds will thrive in apartments.

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Finding and Selecting an Italian Greyhound Puppy

Once you’ve decided an Italian Greyhound is the right pet for you, here are some tips for finding a quality breeder and selecting the perfect pup.

  • Locate breeders through the Italian Greyhound Club of America who follow responsible breeding practices and screen dogs for health and temperament.
  • Meet puppies in person where possible and observe their energy levels and personalities. 
  • Select a confident puppy that approaches you willingly and seems comfortable being handled. Avoid fearful behavior.
  • Ensure the puppy’s environment is clean, safe, and nurturing. Puppies should be socialized with people, sounds, and handling.
  • Review health clearances for conditions like patellar luxation and eye/thyroid issues. 
  • Take time to get to know potential puppies. An Italian Greyhound will hopefully be part of your family for over a decade!
Finding and Selecting an Italian Greyhound Puppy

Bringing Home Your Italian Greyhound Puppy

  • Puppy-proof your home by removing dangerous objects and securing potential hazards.
  • Stock up on leashes, harnesses, bowls, beds, and toys. Have an area set up for the puppy to sleep and play.
  • Follow veterinary recommendations for vaccinations, deworming, flea/tick prevention, and spay/neuter timelines.
  • Enroll in obedience classes for continued socialization and training.
  • Be patient – potty training and chewing behaviors take time. Consistency, positive reinforcement, and redirection help establish good habits.
  • Bond through play, cuddles, and outings. These sensitive pups need love, companionship, and reassurance as they transition to their new home.

Owning an Italian Greyhound Puppy

Italian Greyhound puppies require dedicated, responsible owners willing to give ample time and effort to train and care for them properly. Their delicate build means they are not suitable for homes with boisterous children or pets. While their grace and charm are captivating, this vulnerable breed requires special consideration.

Bringing home an Italian Greyhound puppy for the first time

An Italian Greyhound can make an exceptionally devoted companion animal for experienced owners willing to provide a peaceful environment with appropriate safety measures in place. They thrive when included in family activities and outings. Their intrinsic desire to bond deeply with their chosen person ensures life is never dull with an Italian Greyhound puppy by your side.

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