Are Golden Retrievers Good With Kids?

Did you know that Golden Retrievers are one of the most gentle dogs that you can choose to add to your family, according to the American Kennel Club? Ranked at number 3 as the most popular dog breed to own in America, your ever-so-loving canine comes with many benefits for you and your family.

His powerful energy and strong protective instinct make him the best companion and protector of your family. If you want to find out more about why your Golden Retriever is an excellent choice for your family, you should keep on reading.

Are Golden Retrievers Good With Kids

Why Is a Golden Retriever a Great Choice for Families?

When you are looking for a great furry addition to your home, you want to find a new friend who will fit your family’s needs. Secondly, you want to make sure that your family is comfortable with your newest family member. This is why a Golden Retriever should be your unsurpassed choice. Not only is he full of energy, but your friendly canine has other surprising personality traits. These should make it easy for you to have him in your home and around your children. Most importantly, your Golden Retriever will ensure that you and your family is protected at all times.

Why Is a Golden Retriever a Great Choice for Families

If this is your first time thinking about welcoming a Golden Retriever in your home, you are not alone. You would be surprised to find that your dog ranks in the top 5 of the most popular breeds in the U.S. But, what makes him considered the ideal all-American family dog? Below you will find great answers to your question.

He is excellent with children.

He is a very patient dog.

If you enjoy the outdoors, your Golden Retriever will be an energetic companion.

He loves to run around a lot.

He is brilliant and has hidden talents.

What Makes Your Golden Retrievers Good with Kids?

Your new friend will be great with your kids. The reason for that is that he is a naturally playful dog. It makes it easy for him to be around your kids. He even knows how to be gentle with your younger children. In addition, he will know when it’s time to tumble with your older kids. He undoubtedly has the most versatile personality that makes him an ideal fit for you and your family.

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What Makes Your Golden Retrievers Good with Kids

Moreover, he can be a great way to teach your kids responsibility. If your kid grows up with your Golden Retriever, you won’t only provide them with an ever-present best friend, but you will equip them with essential life skills.

How are Golden Retrievers with Toddlers & Babies?

It’s easy to see why your dog will be great with your toddler or smaller baby. Studies show that his playful and intelligent nature should make him cope well with your family life. He should also mature at a slower rate than his counterparts. This makes him an ideal partner for growing old with your baby. If you want someone who can be silly and puckish with your child, then your Golden Retriever can be this person.

How are Golden Retrievers with Toddlers & Babies

Let’s say that you wanted to take a road trip with your baby. You need to find exciting ways to keep him entertained. Your dog will be that relaxing travel companion for your child. He indeed enjoys being out and about. His friendly and carefree nature will get him all excited when he is in a new environment. Your dog’s presence will surely make for a memorable family trip. And if you worry about your baby’s safety when you’re not around, you can rest assured that your dog will watch over your baby.

Your dog has an exceptionally protective instinct around your little one. He won’t let anyone near your baby. When you have a baby, you want to have someone who will develop a strong bond with them and protect them no matter the cost. Your dog is just that candidate. He will allow you to worry less about your baby. Leaving you with more time to spend enjoying the little moments with your little one.

How to Train Your Golden Retriever to be Friendly with Kids

If you want your kids and dog to have a long-lasting and life full of beautiful memories together, you are not alone. Many parents of both kids and furry Retrievers worry about how they can create this strong bond. If your dog is not used to being around your kids, or vice versa, you may need to put in a little more effort to change this. You don’t want to see any negative energy in your home. Or worse yet, an incident that ends with a bite.

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How to Train Your Golden Retriever to be Friendly with Kids

The good news is that training your dog should be easy. His generally friendly personality will make it easy for you to help him build a strong relationship with your kids. This is why it is essential to train them to socialize with your kids from an early age by doing the following.

It is recommended that you start when they’re about eight weeks old.

The most important thing to teach your dog is to know how to behave appropriately with your kids.

A positive association between them is essential. Plus, it will save you from breaking up any fights.

Obedience training by a professional dog trainer should do the trick. But positive reinforcement from you should yield more effective results.

How To Introduce a Golden Retriever to a House with Young Children

According to the American Kennel Club, safety is the most crucial consideration you should have when introducing your dog to your children. It’s always best to start with a puppy. It should be easy to get your pup to naturally bond with your kids. However, if your dog is a bit older and wiser, you should supervise the introduction. Gradually, through repetition and basic commands, you should help to establish a bond of a lifetime between the two.

How To Introduce a Golden Retriever to a House with Young Children

Some Rules For Kids Around Golden Retrievers

When it comes to any dog, even a friendly one like your Golden Retriever, the most important rule is to remind your kids that your dog is not a toy. Although it may be hard for your kids to resist the urge to tug at their ears, you should stress this point. Especially if your kids are too young to understand the consequences of their actions, while your dog ticks all the right boxes when it comes to the friendliest choice for your family, you should remember that he still has some untamable qualities. It is in your dog’s nature to react if his tail is pulled.

This is why you should set some ground rules for your kids around your dog. Following these rules can save you from any unfortunate incidents.

Some Rules For Kids Around Golden Retrievers

1. No Pulling

If your kids are much younger, it may be hard for them to resist the urge to pull your dog’s tail or play with their paws. This is fine when they have established a steady relationship. However, if they are still getting used to the idea of each other sharing space, it can be dangerous. This is why you should keep an eye out for what your kids are doing to your dog. If you notice that they are pulling a little too much and your dog is getting snappy, you should be ready to enforce this important rule.

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The best way to train your dog and your kids to understand consequences is through repeating basic commands. If you can’t get them to follow this rule, you are not alone. This is why you have easy access to dog training programs. It’s okay if you leave it up to a professional. At a small fee, you can have peace knowing that everyone in the house understands this rule.

2. No Screaming or Shouting

Did you know that your dog’s hearing is four times more sensitive than yours? Yes, it’s true. He can hear the noise at 80 feet. The thing is, he can hear the noise at a different frequency than you. This is why you should teach your kids to be mindful of screaming or shouting next to him. Imagine if you lived with people who shouted to get your attention? Now, imagine how anxious your dog would be if your kids did the same.  

3. No Chasing Games

Your kids love to run around. Your dog does, too. But when they chase each other, it can end in tears for your kids, especially if you have a bigger-sized dog.

4. No Face Licking

Your dog loves licking everything. While this can be an indication of their affection, it can be unhygienic. Make sure that your kids know about washing their hands after playing with your dog.

Golden Retrievers and Kids

In summary, your home should be completed by the relationship that your Golden Retriever has with your family. The most important thing that you should consider doing is to set rules. You want your kids to enjoy creating beautiful memories with your dog. The best time to teach them about caring for your dog is now.

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