Are Golden Retrievers Loyal

If you ask any dog expert about loyal dog breeds, the Golden Retriever will be at the top or near the top of most lists.  It is this loyalty and fun-loving personality that has made them one of the most popular dog breeds worldwide.

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What Makes Golden Retrievers so Loyal?

The history of the golden retriever offers some clues into why they are so loyal.  They got bred as hunting dogs in Scotland during the 1800s.  These dogs needed to form a close bond with their owners and spend days with them hunting.  As the breed developed, it was the dogs that excelled that got bred, passing on their loyal personalities.

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What Makes Golden Retrievers So Loyal

Today, Golden Retrievers still get used as hunting dogs, but they now get prized as pets and working dogs.  They excel as working dogs because of their loyalty, intelligence, and calm nature.  Golden Retrievers get used as service dogs for people with disabilities, therapy dogs, law enforcement detection dogs, and search and rescue dogs. 

What do Golden Retrievers Do That Makes Them Loyal?

The Golden Retrievers outgoing and fun-loving personality makes them one of the loyalist breed of dog.  

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What do Golden Retrievers Do That Makes Them Loyal

One of the things any Goldie owner will tell you is that they don’t bark a lot.  The only time you will hear a Godie bark is when he or she is trying to alert you to an unusual situation.  The barking could be a stranger approaching or if there is some other trouble around.  Once they warned you of a stranger approaching, they don’t usually take any further action.  For this reason, they make good watchdogs but not the best guard dogs.

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Are Golden Retrievers Loyal to Just One Person?

You have probably heard stories of dogs that are fiercely loyal to just one person.  Or they love one member of the family while ignoring the rest of the family.  

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Are Golden Retrievers Loyal to Just One Person?

Golden Retrievers are one breed that is ready to share its love around to all members of the family.  They will likely form a stronger bond with a specific family member, usually the primary food and exercise provider. Still, they will also share their love with every member of the family.  They are even accepting of other pets and are known to get along well with cats and birds.

How to Bond With Your Golden Retriever

Bonding with your Golden Retriever is pretty straightforward.  You need to give your dog the three things it needs the most.

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How to Bond With Your Golden Retriever
  1. Love and Affection.  If you shower love and affection on your Golden Retriever, you will get much more back.  If you have problems bonding with your dog, play a few games with him and do this consistently. 
  2. Food.  Any Goldie owner will tell you that food is very important to this breed of dog.  Have a set feeding time, and when possible, you give the dog the food.  Doing this will ensure your dog sees you as a pack leader and on someone who she can rely.
  3. Exercise.  Golden Retrievers need a lot of activity.  Going out and exercising with your dog will create a powerful bond.

Combining these three activities will help you bond with your Golden Retriever and see his loyalty to you.

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As you see, Golden Retrievers are very loyal dogs.  This loyalty comes from their breeding and helps these dogs become valuable working dogs and even better pets.  If you have a story about your faithful Golden Retriever, please add it in the comments section below.